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A newbie here as I am close to buying my first 1500 Ram but need some last minute advice. Have speced out a Laramie with 5.7 4x4 and getting quotes from two dealers with a 2012 Grand Cherokee Overland as a trade-in (45,000 mi.)

I don't know if I need the air suspension? It comes on the Grand Cherokee, a vehicle I have really liked, but optional on pickup. My use is mainly daily driver and occasional towing with loads up to 5-7K lbs. I like the idea of self leveling and adjusting height to condition. I don't do much off road.

The Ram box management system seems like a must buy as I think it has a lot of value for keeping things out of cab and bed. I plan to get the anti-spin axle with the 3.55 ratio.

I also have a choice of a 2014 or placing an order for 2015 and I know there aren't many changes but at trade-in time the vehicle would a year newer if I hold out for a 15. The SA tells me it could be a trade off if there is a rebate on 2014s vs. getting less later for a year older vehicle. Of course they would like to sell what they got vs. place an order.

I would like to hear what your thoughts are on speccing a new vehicle, what options you consider important, what not. I drove the truck and love the V-8, controls, etc. It also fits in my garage. Any comments advice for a first time Ram owner would be appreciated including pricing expectations.
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I am in a similar situation as I am also purchasing a new truck. That said I agree with your point on resale value and plus I want to order the truck so I get the specific colors and options I want. The ordering is now open for the 2015's and I think the quads and crews go into production Oct. 6th. So, I am ordering a 2015 Laramie, quad, 4x4 wit the 3.6L Penta star, bucket seats, 4 corner air suspension, Ram boxes, sunroof, deep cherry red metallic - two tone with the brown interior. I am also going to have a few of the MOPAR accessories added - ambient lighting etc. and most sweet of all - I am changing out the single exhaust for a dual exhaust as on the Hemi. I just wrote the service manager at my local dealer and the parts including the bumper with the cutouts goes right on. I can't wait - it's gonna be great!
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