put on ground force drop but needs to be lower

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I put a ground force 2/3 kit on my 4x4 the front end seems to be a little high for my likings, I only replaced the rear shocks is there anyway to get another inch out of the drop on the front end?
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I have a lowered 4x4, and going lower than 2" in the front can be expensive. the 2" drop puts the CV joints almost near their max deflection taking full travel into account. If you want to go lower you'd need to use drop spindles, and I don't know if anyone's actually making spindles for the 4th gens. Also, you'd need to get a custom set of CV arms with a beefier CV joint to handle the extra angle without grenading the internals.

Best option is to level the rear, but if you're crazy like me, then you need to drop some more money into custom arms and spindles.
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