Quad HL, HID's, and Other Parts

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I have up for sale the following:
1. Driver Side Quad Headlamp- includes high beam bulb and turn signal bulb. has some dust in the bottom.
$100 shipped

2. 2 Quad Low beam 8000k H.I.D. bulbs (bulbs and wiring only no canbus) that were takin out of my stock setup before I changed headlights. Work great! $20 Shipped

3. 4 Dust Caps (keep the access to the bulbs sealed) they were given to me and I was going to cut them for HID's but then went with a different light setup. $15 shipped.

4. 2 Quad Screw in Light Harness (located in the headlight, has plugs for high and low beam) I recieved these awhile back and kept them just in case I wanted to modify anything. $15 shipped.

PM ME if interested!:smileup:
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I'm not 100% but that appears to be a passenger side headlight. If it is I would buy it if you were local. I messed mine PS up and need one by the end of today. Only problem is I am not up for a 14 hour drive. :-(
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