Question about 37" tires

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I am about to get a 6" lift and level on my 2011 Ram 1500. I have been reading on here a lot to see what people are running, and I really think I would like 37"tires. My question is, for all you who have that setup, do you have any issues? Also, if I stick with 20" wheels, what width, OS & BS am I gonna want? I don't want the tires sticking out too much, but I also don't want them rubbing, either! So, any advice?
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You'll need at least a 5" bs. Thats what I wnated bc like you, I don't like the tires sticking out far. I got suckered into 4.5" bs bc thats all that was availible last March whenI got mine. Honestly now I wouldnt have it any other way. I suggest a 20x10 -24mm offset and 4.5" backspacing :D

You can run any 37 you want without rubbing issues, depedning on which lift and leveling kit you're stacking. Matter of fact you can even run 38s in the 15.50 flavor depedning what I said above and youre bs.

I should have some 38x15.50x20 Mud Graps here soon. Won't perform half as good as my Swampers but damn do they look good :D
Ahh the me-too tire. That should clear just fine.

Are you wanting your truck to sit level or do you want to mess with Bilstiens or a preload spacer? Honestly you're only gonna get an extra 1.3" of lift if you go Bilstiens. Both BDS and PC use 4.5' strut spacers up front for your lift and 1.5" worth of preload spacers. Those spacers have to be removed for your 2.8" the math. With that said, it also depends on if you want to retain the factory springs like PC does or if you want new lifted coil springs. Also PC reatins the factory rear arms with use of a dropdown bracket, BDS uses a bracket that goes above the axle. The PC drop bracket is a full drop though. However they are also the only company not to supply you with a skidplate :( But they do supply you with a kicker bar kit where BDS does not.

My kit is alot like Fabtechs. Both have taller strut spacers (we're taller with Bilstiens), we have skidplates, we have kicker bars, we have new adjustble and greaseable rear arms and lifted coil springs. Everything else is the same.

BTW we have done clearance measuremnts. Me (RCX), Bighorn4life (BDS), MuscleMcKeester (Pro Comp). Pulling this from dodge talk......Also on that thread we have pics with the tapes for proof of course!

RCX 6" lift Bilsteins set at 2.8" 37" Super swampers
17.5" ground to crossmembers
15" ground to Skidplate

BDS 6" Bilstein set to max 2.8" 37" Nitto Trail grapplers
16.5" ground to Crossmembers
12.1" ground to Skidplate

Procomp 6" lift Bilsteins 2.8" 37" Mudd Grapplers
16" ground to Crossmembers
13.125" ground to Skidplate

Mopar 4" lift
13 7/8" to crossmember and 9 1/4" to skid plate
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No, the rears are all lifted different heights and deifferent ways as well. I like how you explain every lift! Why the 2700 buck coilover setup tho? PC uses all spacers and stock rear springs to lift the back end....

BTW I know darn near everything about every lift. Especially how each company lifts and what and how they use their components to achieve that lift. If you have any questions plz ask.

My buddy was looking at this same lift, PC Stage2. He recently saw the light and changed his mind tho He will be lifted by the end of the month :D Also have another buddies 6" lift, bilstiens, wheels and tires out in my garage. His is going in the air next month when he gets back from underway. My house is gonna be real cute with 3 2011 crewcab sports in diff colors all lifted on 37s hahahaha
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