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ok i plan on getting the bilstien 5100 leveling struts for my truck very soon. by i found someone selling a set a nitto trail grappler in like new condition for 500 bucks there a size 295 70 17 will they fit with the leveling strut with no issue and will they rub using ymy stock rims with no spacers
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I don't know much about the 17" rims because I have the 20" rims but I'm certain that height-wise you will be fine. 295/70/17 is only about 1/4" taller than the stock 20" tire height.

On a 2006-up truck with the 20" rim about 285 is the widest you can go without 1/4" spacers. However, from the very brief search I just did it looks like your 17" rims are slightly narrower (8.5" I think) and have less backspacing (only about 4.75" versus 5.75" for the 20" rim). That being the case I would say you should be able to run that size with room to spare.
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