Question about truck dying

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As I left work today I checked my gas gauge and it said I had about 3/4 tank left. I filled up two days ago, so that sounds about right. I got almost all the way home (5 miles), then suddenly the fuel gauge went from 3/4 to empty and the low fuel light activated. I pulled into the driveway and the truck suddenly dies. I try to restart, but she doesn't start back up. I go into the house for 30 minutes, then come back out to try it again... I crank it for 4 to 5 seconds while pumping the gas pedal and she finally starts but it won't idle unless I pump the gas pedal really fast. It acts like it's starving for fuel. The low fuel light is still activated and the gas gauge reads completely empty, but I know for sure it has about 3/4 tank full of gasoline. Can anyone give me any ideas about what might be wrong with my truck? Thanks y'all.

Truck: 1999 Dodge Ram Sport, 4x4, 5.9L, Automatic, 160k Miles
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Erik, Mine did that over the summer and would start back up after resting a few, then one day working on it I pulled into the garage and it wouldnt start to get it out... Thanks to the guys here it turned out to be a $12 fuel pump relay located in the power distribution box under the hood on the drivers side by the battery ( if yours is in the same place as my 97. Hope this helps ya buddy. Otherwise rent a scanner from the auto part store (free) and check for codes.
I have a scanner, but no MIL activated on the dash when it happened. When your truck was acting like that did it also have the same problem with the fuel gauge as mine does?
Ya know, now I have this weird feeling that maybe my truck somehow developed a gaping hole in the fuel tank all of a sudden and maybe there is no fuel in the tank. LOL
it did once, but after fixing the relay and filling up the gas guage still went all whacky on me for about a week and then it suddenly went back to normal... so it is a goofy thing that never got figured out, but to this day it has been fine...knock on wood.
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