radar detector hard wire

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I'm wanting to hard wire my radar detector in me 2911 RAM. If the fuse box was in the dash it would be easy. Ive hears attaching the wire to the rear view mirror wire or to the rear power sliding window but I'm nervous to do that. Im wanting to attach it to the cogs lighter but i have the bucket seat option so i can't figure out what wire it would be behind the dash. Any help and pics would be great. Thanks everyone!
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Shadcha,,,, that awesome thanks for the info... This exactly what I had been looking for,, reps to you..:smileup:

Hex,,,, radar detectors aren't illegal in CA, but windshield mounts are, so you just need one of these clips for your detector that SHADCHA posted. Here is a website that shows which states they are illegal in,,,,
Hope that helps...
they illegal in any comercial vehicle in most states and on all military bases...

That is awesome news. Can't beleive I lived here for almost 8 years and never bothered to look up the real laws. Thanx
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