radar detector hard wire

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I'm wanting to hard wire my radar detector in me 2911 RAM. If the fuse box was in the dash it would be easy. Ive hears attaching the wire to the rear view mirror wire or to the rear power sliding window but I'm nervous to do that. Im wanting to attach it to the cogs lighter but i have the bucket seat option so i can't figure out what wire it would be behind the dash. Any help and pics would be great. Thanks everyone!
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You need to wire a switch into the loop so you can cut power to the unit. You can be detected using one of these units. I was thinking of putting it behind the garage door opener in the overhead. But it all depends on how hidden you want to have it. The biggest problem people have in Canada with using them out in the open so most people hide them so if you have a nice hidden instal and the power wires inside the consuls you'll be able to use it safely and enjoy the benefits with out the worry of detection
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