Radio consistently turning off

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Starting Saturday the radio in my 2016 ED ram starting switching on and off.

it’s very constant stays on for 2:40, then shuts off for 8-9 seconds then the loading/start up screen shows up abs the radio starts up again.

Glad to join the forum, have found a lot of help over the years. First time I’ve needed to post.
Thanks for the help.
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It could need an update...I was able to do it on my 2011 Charger RT years ago by going onto Mopars website... downloading the update to a flashdrive ..then importing it into the car using the usb port. But seeing how yours is might need it done by a dealer. That's just one possibility though...
Went to Uconnect web site and down loaded update to 18.45 it is frozen at failure "Sierra Wirless: bolo files install failed.. Please remove USB stick to reset" Tried it and failed same message. Now I have no radio, no screen, except a message to install USB to restart update. All I was hoping for was to get a little held with Nav getting lost and maybe get ride of message phone has stopped contact your dealer. What ever that means, what phone?

Check this thread out
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Hey thanks his issue is similar. I’ll check it out, there was also another user with the exact same timing issue as mine
According to the dealer( brought in for another issue) the whole radio is dead and needs replacement. 900$ from dealer. Given how many trucks these are in I’m thinking a wrecker. Anyone know if a used unit will need to be flashed by the dealer to work?
That's exactly what I was told by a dealer at first, went to a different dealer and it was only the power wire to the radio that was defective.
My radio plays 8mins on then 2mins shuts off completely. It will cost me 945.oo for a used refribist one. This seems excessive to me
I'm telling you to check the power wire at the block down near the emergency brake. It's red, wiggle it around or the whole harness an see what happens
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