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I have driven Ram trucks for more that 30 years but not sure I will continue after this one...
sorry for the long post but it was necessary to understand the issue...

I have a 2013 Ram 2500 Diesel Laramie and I have been having issues with what I originally thought was my radio.
in accessory mode the radio functions normally all day long. Once the engine is started the radio goes mute after about 45 seconds. I can still see what song is playing and I can change the radio station as well. Also discovered that when my radio goes mute My heated/air seats and usb port Also shut down. (led indicator light on air condition button also goes off).
My experience with my local dealer on this issue was very troubling. Here is how that went...
Booked my truck in for 1 pm. And arrived early.
The person at the service counter explained that it would cost 169.00 to look at my radio issue and another 169.00 to read the code from my check engine light that had just come on.
I expressed my concern about the price gouging but asked them to proceed. There was also two recalls that needed to be address.
I proceeded to look at new trucks and spoke to a salsperson who happily showed me a used truck with 100k on it and stated it would save me money if I bought it. I was surprised that they did not have any new trucks on their lot. In fact the best they could do was to show me a 2019 on line....
At about 2pm the person at the counter found me in the waiting room and stated that he knew the issue with my truck and it was the backup camera. I asked how he determined that? He said when he got in the truck to bring it into the shop the audio shut off as soon as he put it into reverse.
Now I again explain the issue with the audio going silent after 45 seconds. I asked him not to go down that rabbit hole as there are no issues with the backup camera. Also, I don’t believe that the issue is with the radio itself but rather a controlling module that the audio passes through. I also asked that they not flash the radio with a new version Until they were certain that action would solve my issue.
At 3:10 pm I approached the service counter to ask how my truck was coming along and they stated that they were hoping to get it into the shop soon. My frustration level is increasing at this point....
‘At 4:20 they fetched me from the waiting room and said my truck radio issue was fixed.
As I was handed the service invoice the service tech explained that they had updated my radio software from ver to ver 17.43.01. which I had previously clearly asked them not to do...
‘They also read my DTC’s.
I understood from previous forums that disconnecting the battery terminal may fix my issue but only temporarily.
Drove my truck home and after 12 minutes my problem reoccurred. However, as I found out the hard way, I now have an additional issue. When my audio now goes off the radio screen will stay lit After the truck is shut off and exited. This drains the battery’s enough to prevent starting.
Summary: my truck was in their shop for 60 minutes, performing the two recalls took up 25 minutes. So in 35 minutes error codes were read and my radio software was inappropriately updated causing me additional issues and $$$.$$
I was a huge fan of the Ram truck but now Every time I get into my truck, and the audio shuts down I just want nothing to do with it. And as this dealer has demonstrated a very high level of incompetence I would be foolishly throwing money out the window going back there...
There is more to this story but that is all for now...
any help would be appreciated....
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