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I bought a set of the Weathertech ones for a Nissan I had (traded for the Ram) that used tape. Although I liked them since they came down far enough to keep rain out when the windows were cracked to help some of the humidity buildup inside.....they generated wind noise. Initially I thought it was the crossbsars on the roof rack, so I took them off...still had wind noise. Went to the dealership and they told me that the window hoods changed the aerodynamics of the vehicle and caused the wind noise. This seems correct because there was no noise before I installed them....just had to live with it because they were the ones that you put on with tape.

Do any of you who have the Weathertech in channel variety notice any wind noise?
first i have ever heard of a problem with wt. been using there rain guards since 2000 on a few different vehicles.
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