rain guard / vent shades

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for those that have bought them did you get the in-channel or did you get the ones that just stick on with the tape? if you did get the in-channel was there any issues installing them? i know the seals on the windows are pretty snug. thanks for any info.
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i have avs inchannel, they are very low profile and use a thin strip of tape to help keep them in place. they also only cover the to of the window. others like the weathertech go down the front along the side mirrors. weathertechs also dont ue tape for the front doors, so if you have a regular cab, theyd be ideal. these two rain gaurds are the only ones i would consider buying. i wouldve gotten the weatertechs if i knew they didnt use tape. however i bought the avs inchannels and am satisfied with them
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