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Recently while driving in the hwy, my 2013 ram started to jump up and down slightly from 1500 to 4000 rpms, it isnt something I have noticed before. A short time later when making a stop, the brake on the front left started to slightly "give out" almost as if I was slowing down on snow or ice. Noticed the brake issue does this when turning to the right more than slowing down on a straight away or turning left.
I did hit a pretty big pothole the day prior.
Before this happened I fueled up and heard a clunk sound from the front left side.
I also changed out the abs speed sensor on front left.
I havent checked the spark plugs yet.
No play in the front left hub.
Need to check Calipers as well, truck has 100k miles.

Any other ideas, please let me know!
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