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Good night to all, my name is Thomaz, I have a RAM 2500 2005 5.9 V6, last year I had the "luck" of a connecting rod was number 5 right there ..., so I decided to make the whole engine and not change only the connecting rod that had damaged, when that happened my RAM was with 298k. To make things worse, I live in Brazil and the prices here are not very attractive. Anyway, I picked up the engine model I went to the CUMMINS shop and bought all the parts there. So I thought, since I'm making the engine, I'm going to take advantage of it and make the high pump too ... and I did it ... just to register I changed the rotation sensor at that time too.
I imagined ... what a marvel, engine and pump made, my RAM was zero km again .... but .... only not ...
She left the rectification in December last year and I decided to travel with her. Next Christmas was on the road and she just turned it off, turned it off, out of nowhere ... I was 70km / h and I almost killed my son and wife .... because when she dies you lose the brake and steering wheel ... and she is well heavy. Anyway, thank God nothing happened but since then my problems have started ...

After that, I took it to the garage and found that the alternator simply melted, then rewound the alternator again and bought a new voltage regulator back in the USA. (because here everything is very, very expensive) and nothing ... I tried to pass the SCAN in the module and I could not ... did not read ... so I decided to walk with her ... after a week ... she died again ... I imagined it to be a problem in the transmission and I had her do it too ... after 2 weeks she died again ... so I decided to change the batteries ... after 2 days ... she hung up again, so I went to the concessionaire to see if they could pass the SCAN and identify what was happening ... WTF the concessionaire of RAM could not read because there was no device for her, only the 2012 forwards ... THIS IS BRAZIL !!!

I began to realize that while it was cold everything was going well ... but when the temperature pointer came near the middle it shut down ... and I started to be aware of that ... and I made some more attempts to see if that was the case ... and when the temperature pointer came close to the middle she turned it off ... so I decided to check on her fan ... it's really hard to turn, even cold ... very hard ...

I contacted a module specialist, he came home yesterday and he was able to read ... he had many errors in it, including 2509 and 0483 ... he saw these errors, and reset the control module. After reset a code appeared on tank size if it was 35 gallons or not ... another error was in the radio module, another error was in the ceiling lights ... for me none of this is related to the shutdown of it ... but he has not yet closed the diagnosis.

This morning I read the module again, and the CODES A4 / B0 / OD appeared, I do not know what that means, but they only showed up shortly after it went off.

My mechanic said it may be the pump that sits inside the diesel tank, he asked to check ... because according to him this pump fills the diesel tube so the high-pull pump (from the tube and not straight from the tank)

My situation:

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