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I have a 2019 Ram 3500 truck with the high output 400hp engine and the “heavy duty” Aisin transmission. I am having problems with the transmission.
The transmission slips, disengages, goes to neutral or however you want to describe it, it stops moving the vehicle forward at times leaving you in a dangerous situation.
I have almost been run over a couple of times by pulling out into traffic and the Aisin transmission decides to go to neutral while the engine revs to 2500 rpm before it slams into gear. I also have a problem of stopping on a hill, when you attempt to continue up the hill sometimes the truck will roll backwards before it slams into gear and the engine dies, resulting in a complete loss of brakes and steering, talk about dangerous. While driving in mountainous terrain at slow speed (5 to 10 mph) the transmission seems to shift into neutral, engine will rev up to 2000 to 2500 rpm for a few seconds and then slam into gear. This happens all the time. I can't even get out of my driveway without this happening. I have had my truck to the dealer several times with no fix.
The last time I had the truck at the dealer FCA said it was "working as designed" and I was told that was all they could do for it. If it is "working as designed" then they have a FLAW in the design that needs to be fixed. This is a safety issue.
My truck is barely one year old with 11000 miles (most of which were put on it because they told me I would have to drive it a lot of miles so it would "learn" and it has been reprogrammed several times), the truck is still under warranty and they will not fix it! I did a lot of research before buying to find the truck that had the best towing performance, the Ram 3500 looked like it but the transmission has been a huge disappointment. Even more frustrating is trying to get FCA to honor their warranty! If you search other Ram forums you will see that a lot of other people are having this same issue.
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