Ram Diesel loses power then recovers

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I have a 2011 Ram 3500 dually diesel automatic with 75K miles.
While driving,it suddenly loses power,unresponsive to accelerator pedal & idles.
I shift to neutral the back to drive and it returns to normal power.
No lose of electrical.occurs on long or short trips.towing or not.
10% to 20% of the time.Any ideas?
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Thanks Huntergreen.....
this has been going on for over a year(25k miles)
should the fuel pump begin to fail over a long period of time?
Hunter, the engine is a 6.7 turbo. This problem can occur at any speed with varying loads.
The engine continues to run at idle,the accelerator pedal has no effect so the truck 'coasts'.
While coasting,shifting to neutral then immediately back to drive results in power immediately restored.This problem may not occur again for many miles (>1-2K)
Internet searches have come up with many diesel problems ( relating to pollution controls), but none like this one.
Your suggestion sounds as plausible as any so I will start with fuel filter replacement and
fuel pump testing and maintenance.
Reply to questions.....
No CEL comes on.
The pedal IS 'DEAD' and the truck idles.
When its shifted quickly into neutral and back to drive it recovers before the truck stops.
I will install an 'Ultra-gauge' to read trouble codes continuously.
We'll see if it can read fuel pressure as well.

Thanks for everyones help
Ultraguage now installed. Symptom appeared after 12 hours on 14 hr thruway trip.
Ultraguage did not register any code.
This time lost power and dash lights. Put it in neutral and restarted while still moving.
Everything worked.Lights,power etc.
No further incident
how I wish.
Truck lives in Round Hill VA, Leesburg Dodge spent $2,500 looking for it,found nothing.
Concluded that connecting code tool catching intermittent was only soln.didnt work.
Truck now in Aiken,SC.
Anyone know of a good diesel mechanic there?
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