Ram Diesel loses power then recovers

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I have a 2011 Ram 3500 dually diesel automatic with 75K miles.
While driving,it suddenly loses power,unresponsive to accelerator pedal & idles.
I shift to neutral the back to drive and it returns to normal power.
No lose of electrical.occurs on long or short trips.towing or not.
10% to 20% of the time.Any ideas?
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my first guess is the fuel pump is beginning to fail.
mike, first isnt your diesel the 6.7? i had 2 5.9 trucks and am not all that familiar with the 6.7s. one thing i do know to check is the turbo and make sure it is not all "sooted" up.
when you say loss of power, is the engine off ?
thats where i would start. other than that i am sure will have already thought of everything i would think of. might want to PM brandon johnson, i believe he is familiar with your trucks.
Is it throwing any codes and turning on the CEL at all when it does this? Or just loses throttle response completely? Is the pedal just 100% dead and doesn't do anything or does it feel like the engine lost power?

These trucks are "fly by wire". The throttle is all electronically controlled. It's possible that your TPS (throttle position sensor) on the pedal is shot and cutting out.
the thing" that makes this hard, for me anyway, is the shifting in and out of neutral brings it back to normal.
i cant believe a dealer cant track down and fix this issue.
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