Ram laramie maintenance with 52000 miles

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Hey guys. Im new in trucks, finally i bought my first truck a ram laramie 2009 full equip. I got the truck with 52,000 miles (84,000 km). I´ve heard that at 50,000 miles (80,000 km) is the maintenance for the 4wd and for the transmision. Can you help me with that, what is the maintenance that i must give to the truck?
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First, I'd say follow the owner's manual, but here's what I do to my vehicles: Drop the trans pan every 50,000 miles clean magnet, replace filters, put the pan back on. I use Mopar RTV and follow directions. Refill trans with 8quarts of Mopar ATF+4. Change front and rear differentials, refill with Mopar synthetic gear lube + 1 bottle friction modifier if you have rear limited slip. I pump out old power steering lube, refill with ATF+4. Check antifreeze, top off if needed. If you have it on a lift, inspect u-joints, tie rod ends, ball joints, brake pads and rotors. I run washable air filters K&N and Vararam, clean when they start to look dirty. My Dodge Magnum has 300,000 miles, Ram 200,000. I also send oil samples to Blackstone Labs.
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