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My son is having trouble removing the carrier from the housing on his truck.
He has removed the axles and the bearing caps and says he can move the carrier up and down 1/4 to 1/2 inch but it will not come out.
oh yes, the pinion is broken off when the rear locked up I think.
Is there something else that is holding it together?
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I take it you are referring to the differential unit, as I don't know of any Dodge housing of that era with a removable carrier. :4-dontknow: But you did make reference to the bearing caps, so......

2 bearing caps = 4 bolts
slide out the axles

Differential unit should pretty much fall out.

I think Cheatham may have the answer. If the pinion broke, it is likely lodged it such a way that it's inhibiting the differential unit from leaving the housing. If you can get at it, try turning or wiggling the pinion.
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