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Hi all,

Been on the Forumz for a while now and gather great information from all of you so I figured it was time to give back a little!

Like most of use on here with Tow mirrors they are great except for the LEDs on them. This is my 2nd time replacing the LED turn signal, first time on the passenger side which I followed everyone's instructions, moved the mirrors, put fingers under the convex mirror, take a deep breath and.... snap, shatters in my hand, adding an addition $50 bucks to an already expensive 75 (Canadian bend over and get screwed) dollar light.

Driver side went out a few months ago and I didn't want to deal with the whole ordeal again but my OCD finally made me cave and so I bought the replacement. Dreading taking the convex mirror out again I decided to figure out another way,

Here is the process I took this time around.

Flip the mirror up and adjust the large mirror down (in) and the convex mirror in on the opposite side of the led signal to gain access. Look down and here you will see one torx screw head that's all that holds the signal in.

Slide a regular torx key down between the two mirrors, take a few sips of beer and slowly start to unscrew the light, a 1/4" turn at a time. It will take some time a patience but its worth it, smaller hand also help.

Eventually it will become loose and you can unseat the signal from the mirror. try to keep the screw in its plastic holder. Disconnect the wiring, connect the new one (use some dialectical grease if you have it) check everything's working and reinstall the opposite way.

Enjoy your new working mirror without an addition trip to the stealership!


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