Ram Trappers Hats

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Figured I'd post these up after a few members asked for them, and I know these aren't offered at dealerships in the US.

They are $40 + shipping.

Dodge Ram Trappers Hats

I kid you not these are freakin warm, or make a great accessory addition to anyones truck hahaha, these were a hit in California at a car show I attended. not selling these for any profit, just offering up a hard to get item for you US guys/gals.
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That's pretty awesome. Wish they came in camo. Would be a great hat for duck hunting.
^ as a matter of fact they do!!!!!! hahaha I'll grab a pic of one for ya tomorrow.
Can't wait to see that!
LC - Do you by chance happen to also go by the handle X's Revenege on the Alberta LX (ALX) Forum?
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