Ram Trappers Hats

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Figured I'd post these up after a few members asked for them, and I know these aren't offered at dealerships in the US.

They are $40 + shipping.

Dodge Ram Trappers Hats

I kid you not these are freakin warm, or make a great accessory addition to anyones truck hahaha, these were a hit in California at a car show I attended. not selling these for any profit, just offering up a hard to get item for you US guys/gals.
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^ as a matter of fact they do!!!!!! hahaha I'll grab a pic of one for ya tomorrow.
found this online, the pic is bad, but gives you an idea.

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The trappers hats are only available in Canada, not offered to you US guys/ gals through your dealerships. We have Choko as our dealership clothing suppliers, the US has Dodge Life & Direct Connection.

I found a hat and a tshirt in March while in California that we can't get here in Canada. So unfair it just isn't the same across the borders hahaha,

I wore my challenger trapper hat in Cali and ended up selling 20 of them, and giving a few away to the Dodge execs. Oh and the models loved them hehehe

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yep that would be me my friend!!!

this is my Challenger (X's Revenge) I bought the car to piss off to my ex wife.... it worked hahaha

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