Rammer Or Just Cheap?

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Be honest please.
As many I researched the big 3. Came from a late model Ford.
Liked it too. But Ram is by far except for the Rolls Royce Eco D the cheapest game in town.

Ford is brutal, but GM, what are they smoking. Crazy high.
Seems like Ram is a bargain...........

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I'm not brand loyal. Over the years... I've owned all the major brands other than Nissan. (just didn't like how I fit in them, and the seats are hard)

With that said... my last 3 trucks have been Ram. 2002 2500 quad cab Cummins. (265,000 mi) 2010 Ram 1500 Crew Cab 4.7L. (46,000 mi) and my new 2014 1500 Crew EcoDiesel.

The price is right... and they are comfortable. And... any issues I've had were minor, and generally covered under warranty.

The highest mile truck I owned was my '86 Toyota. I sold it with 320,000 mi. (great truck) I bought it new, and even took my driving test in it. I paid a whopping $4,900 when I was in highschool. (why can't they still be that price?)

Anyway... my Dad and Bro are still Ford guys, and I get to drive their trucks too. Fit, finish, and price is in the ball park of Ram.

GM/Chevy is starting to scare me. They have had some nasty recalls... and a couple now have been found as a cover-up, and people have died. I don't think I would buy one even if the price was SMOKE'in good. Besides... they just feel to plastic-y inside for me.

My 2 cents... take it for what it's worth.
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