Rammer Or Just Cheap?

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Be honest please.
As many I researched the big 3. Came from a late model Ford.
Liked it too. But Ram is by far except for the Rolls Royce Eco D the cheapest game in town.

Ford is brutal, but GM, what are they smoking. Crazy high.
Seems like Ram is a bargain...........

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Be very careful when looking at the 2014 Rams. The prices are good and the Cummins engine is outstanding but I am not at all happy with mine.

I traded my 2009 Dodge dually on the 2014 Dodge dually and it is a completely different vehicle. The 2009 was an excellent light duty truck. . . the 2014 is not. The ride and handling on the 2014 is extremely poor.

If you are looking at the dually my advice would be to take it for a very long test drive and be certain you are willing to put up with the constant vibration and bouncing around on the road. If you are like me and use it for an every day driving vehicle it will be a constant source of aggravation to drive.

Well said Doc!
I'm not brand loyal either. Yes you sometimes get screwed but you
never know until you try them all.

Jim 55 you scare me.........
As a fellow Jim I hope that's a dually issue as I have a 3500 SRW coming from Dennis Dillon.
I drove a few on a local lot but not like you have. My F350 was nothing like that. Have you had yours checked out for other issues like a belt issue with the tires etc.

We use to have that same issue with a certain brand of tires and every one
had a belt issue and you would not see evidence of it until the tire was ready to go. Would shake the teeth out of your head.
Sorry to hear that. Good Luck
Sorry Jim I don't mean to scare you. Just giving an honest assessment of my vehicle. I don't think it's a tire issue. I've been back to the dealer and they say there is nothing wrong with it. I think it's more an issue of over springing the vehicle and using a stiffer frame. There is just no "give" at all on the road.

This may however not be the case with a SRW.

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