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So I went threw a auto carwash with under carriage wash as well. This is the first time I've had this truck wet underneath or around the motor area. Normally hand wash.

Anyways. Afterwards I noticed at a stop sign about 5 blocks down the road it jumped up to idle at 1300 rpms in gear with brake on...I clicked it to neutral n it jumped to 2000. I hit the throttle n it came back down to normal n I drove away. As I drove I noticed a few more times it trying to idle high n I just figured she's wet it'll clear up.

Next day...truck has set 24 hours and I get in it and everything seems to be fine n I think yeah it was just water. Start driving down the road and it's n lock up outta lock up in lock up outta lock up. So I add more speed in it quits.

20 miles down the road now we are coming out of lock up n shifting down and back up n not ever going into lock up at all. Normal highway speed of 60 equals about 1800rpm n I'm driving now with rpms jumping from 2100 to that's what 3rd to 4th gear.

Just to see how it's running n see if it messes up getting on it I get on it several times...from rolling stops to 70mph n there is no messed up shifts or anything runs n shifts perfect. Get back to cruising n it does it again.

I pull over shut the truck off and then start it back up n drive off. I drive almost 3 miles before any issues.

Where should I start looking lol. bad ground? or is there a sensor that can cause all of this.

Before all of this...normal driving it does do the slight rpm jump with cruise set and I changed out the tps about 3 months ago n it never changed the problem of that.

Any thought or input would be great. I do know I need to change cap n rotor, wires n plugs for I've had a random misfire light n cylinder 2 n 7 misfire code on the truck. I'm doing that this sat.

Thanks n advanced


2002 ram 1500 4wd 5.9 with 46re trans.
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