Rattle noise through rear window

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I believe I saw a couple other people complaining about a rattle noise coming through the rear window on bumps or whatever.
Think I figured it out!
Seen some people suspecting the tail gate and I never kept looking till today when giving a truck a quick clean.

I noticed the two plastic plugs in the corners of the back of the bed made allot of noise when I would slap the back panel. Temp fix in pic, put a piece of tape over the top..
I still need to test it, I would have waited but didnt have a chance.


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I have the same problem, and I have a spray in bedliner..
well I guess nvm then. lol
Mine is more of a squeaky noise..I thought it was the suspension, but even after replacing the shocks and springs in the back, I still get that noise.
I would describe mine, more so of a metal on metal rattle.
Maybe dif?
Yep, it probably is different, I hope your tape works! :smileup:
Those plugs can shrink when it gets cold and rattle.

Did your fix work?
A small dab of silicone to your box plugs will keep them from rattling and falling out.
After my dealer kept replacing mine under warranty (3 times) and now my warranty is up,
i siliconed mine in and havent been a problem since.
My noise is like a flag flapping starting at 45 mph, probably the RollBak cover, at least the visual flapping appears to coincide with the sound.
I've noticed a chirping noise (maybe metal on metal or rubber or even plastic). Maybe even the glass? Thanks for the information, though. Didn't solve my trucks noise.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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