RBZ/RHB mygig radio software update 50.00.07

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Hmmm, wonder if it will say JEEP after???

Also, anyone have another link for the TSB? The one listed is dead
Edit: Nevermind, it's good now...

All the dates I see are old the file is dated 3/9/2013.
Go into the dated folder and there you will see the new update 50.00.07
Worked for me. The file is fairly large at 120 MB. Now to figure out how to use it. The old Mygig website had detailed instructions. Will have to take a look. It is an ISO file.

I don't think you have to worry about it saying Jeep as the same update disc works for all the models provided they are listed in the TSB.

3/9/13 is Sept 3rd 2013.
I installed update all new screen. The blue is gone! I'll load some pics I took here in a few.
sweet! please send pics, lots of 'em so we can see what's new/changed/etc.
I had to look a bit so don't feel bad.

The file is an ISO which is a disc image. So I used Nero Express (on computer) and selected Disc Image. Worked great.

Did the update. Just use the TSB instructions and be patient. There are times when you think it isn't doing anything but you cannot turn it off or touch anything. Be sure you are in Run as the Acc can time out. Just be aware that you can brick your radio so do at your own risk.

The screen color and Ram logo changes with the update. A lot of guys that did the previous update of 33.01.23 had their colors changed so this will put them back to where they were previously. Mine was a blue background, now it is black. The Ram Logo and background is different. Also now have fancy logos on the various Sirius stations. Don't remember them from before (when I had service) although the software rev for Sirius is the same. It's free right now but I am pretty sure they were not there the last time I had the service??

Application 50.00.07
Audio CPU 022113
Sirius 1A.00.1E.14
Gracenotes D9F


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I don't remember the screen off option being there

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Sorry, guess you beat me to it while I was writing my post, LOL!

Screen off was a previous option so it's not new.

By the way C0ps, if you know Sox or talk to him, be sure to give him a thank you from all of us over here! :smiley_thumbs_up:
Have there been any Gracenotes updates?
I have a RHB in my 2011 Mega Cab 2500, will this update work for it? Thanks!
2011 models are not on the TSB list. My understanding was that the update works for 2012 only but see there are a couple of 2013 models listed also.

What Application and Audio CPU revs are you at now?
23.04.41 Application
Audio CPU 021511
Sirius 1A.00.1A.6C
Gracenote BA1

This is my first Ram. Had a GMC before. Thanks for all the help. Like the new truck and this forum.
The Application and Audio CPU revs are the same as what I had started with before the 33.01.23 update (prior to this one). I'm not sure if you have to update to that first or not before going higher?? I wouldn't think so but don't want to steer you wrong. There was another update inbetween that I did not get, the 43.xx.xx and it worked just fine jumping over but again, I'm not sure what to tell you. Certainly don't want you to mess up your radio.

I would go to the other thread and ask or PM xsdbs about this. He is up to date on what is going on with these radios. Look for post #46 to find xsdbs.

I don't believe the update will change the Sirius and Gracenote revs.
I had the 33.XX version in my truck and was just used to the blue screen and rams head image but I'm now seeing why the guys that had the older black screen loved it so much. I just updated (thanks for all the info guys!) and the black screen and Sirius logo's are a huge improvement over what I had. Seems to make the radio look more grown up and less cartoon like. I didn't realizing how annoying the blue screen and logo was until they were gone.
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Has anybody with a lockpick tried the upgrade yet?
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