rcx leveling kit w/ rcx 6"

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if i buy a leveling kit for my 2012 ram will i have to remove it when i decide to put a 6" rcx lift? thanks!
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Not a dumb question at all. I figure the member(s) with the answer just haven't been logged in the last few days. Hopefully you get a good answer soon. :smileup:
Is the leveling kit just coil spacers? If so no you wouldnt have to, and it would also make it a 8ish inch lift instead of just a 6
Yes you have to remove it
Front: 2.5" lifted strut spacers.
Rear: 1.75" lifted coil spacers

thid is the kit from rough country i was looking at getting. thanks for the response but im back where i was before. 2 people saying 2 different things. lol i guess ill just wait and see when the time comes.
Your levelin kit is a strut spacer and your suspension lift is a strut spacer.....
cool thanks for clearing it up man!
Candy08 is correct on the front spacers, they need removed. You can use the rear spacers with the RCX 6" lift. I just did this on mine with Bilsteins up front and it rides and looks great.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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