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Check out the links at bottom.

I believe that several of you are already aware of ethanol blended fuels and I'm quite sure it has been addressed in this forum already. By posting this, I hope I am not just beating a dead horse, but supplementing what has already been addressed, re-addressing or emphasizing what needs to be re-addressed or emphasized, & hopefully providing necessary information to other Ram owners such as myself that fell victim to their OWN ignorance and bought into the hype.

I had been doing some research to answer some of my own questions about ethanol blended fuels. During this time I read several articles concerning ethanol blended fuels and it's effects on the engines & their components that it has long term contact with.

I had no idea no destructive ethanol blended gasoline could be to the ENTIRE fuel system (from the gas tank to the engine).

I had a 2002 Silverado that had been giving me engine problems. After reading several articles to educate myself, I realized that my old Chevy's engine was more than likely suffering from issues brought on by alcohol blended fuels. So then I unknowingly ran alcohol based fuel system cleaner, valve cleaner, injector cleaner, and whatever else cleaner through the fuel tank, bottle after bottle. * That's like treating a broken arm with another broken arm.

I have attached a link for Fuel Testers, that I HOPE everyone will take the time to read and I hope everyone finds it informative. I'm not promoting the push to ban Ethanol blended fuels, but this link covered and exceeded all the other links I have read, and it's not like reading a tech manual.

After having read about any and all alcohols, I cringe when I hear of someone dumping one brand or another brand of cleaner in to their tank, making the same boo-boo that I made. Read that label. The attached website pretty much provides a list of all alcohols.

Guys & Gals, please take the time to read this. I found a website for an enzyme fuel stabilizer/cleaner. I HAVE NOT TRIED IT YET. Their website shows their products to be sold in several places, and that is true. I just can't find the enzyme fuel treatment other than on line. When I get some, I'll post the results after a couple of tanks.

I hope at least one person benefits from this and saves their money and an engine.
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