Ready to Buy a 2500: Hemi or Cummins?

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Man o man, here I go again. I have the hardest time making this call, so maybe you guys can help me out. I'm pretty much set to buy a new work truck. I want a 3/4T, not sure if I'll go regular or long bed. The biggest thing I have to decide is if I want to go with the Hemi or the Cummins. Here's how I'll use the truck.

  • Primarily highway miles
  • Little towing
  • Occasional heavy hauling (3,000lbs +/-)
  • Some deliveries up in the woods (we supply loggers)
My concerns are as follows:

  • Longevity...people say a gasser in a 3/4T is only good for 120k or so, maybe a little more
  • Resale...can I get rid of a Hemi down the road, or will buyers back away in favor of the Cummins
  • Performance...some make it sound like the Hemi is a turd compared to the Cummins...really? Or is that only in regards to heavy towing/
  • Maintenance...are diesels really that hard to maintain? Are they really that much more expensive in the long run?
  • Fuel economy...will I really see a big benefit with a diesel given the way I plan to use it?
Thanks for any and all help...I plan to purchase soon, maybe this weekend.
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Sounds like you don't need a 3/4 ton. You should get a tradesmen IMO. It has a towing capacity of 11,500lbs and a max hauling rating of 3,100lbs. You'll be saving a ton of money. It actually has the exact same frame as the 3/4 and also uses 8 lug wheels.
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