Ready to Buy a 2500: Hemi or Cummins?

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Man o man, here I go again. I have the hardest time making this call, so maybe you guys can help me out. I'm pretty much set to buy a new work truck. I want a 3/4T, not sure if I'll go regular or long bed. The biggest thing I have to decide is if I want to go with the Hemi or the Cummins. Here's how I'll use the truck.

  • Primarily highway miles
  • Little towing
  • Occasional heavy hauling (3,000lbs +/-)
  • Some deliveries up in the woods (we supply loggers)
My concerns are as follows:

  • Longevity...people say a gasser in a 3/4T is only good for 120k or so, maybe a little more
  • Resale...can I get rid of a Hemi down the road, or will buyers back away in favor of the Cummins
  • Performance...some make it sound like the Hemi is a turd compared to the Cummins...really? Or is that only in regards to heavy towing/
  • Maintenance...are diesels really that hard to maintain? Are they really that much more expensive in the long run?
  • Fuel economy...will I really see a big benefit with a diesel given the way I plan to use it?
Thanks for any and all help...I plan to purchase soon, maybe this weekend.
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I gotta tell ya I traded back to a 1500 from my 2500 due to the fact of gas prices going thru the roof again. My towing neds and hauling needs became lighter. I am getting phenominal gas mileage compared to my 2010 2500 HD CC with Hemi. I have hauled a few loads with it around 2000 pounds and find it way more than adequate. I have not towed with this one yet, but my 04 1500 SLT towed a 33 foot tagalong back and forth to florida with absolutely no porblems. Honestly consider the 1500s for what you do, If your not consistently towing thousands of pounds all over, an hauling alot of heavy gear, you might be surprised. I dont think those prices are as good as they could be either. You may want to play a couple dealers against each other to get a better price.
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