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Im new here. Been shadow browsing the forums for a year now and I decided to join since I stuck right now.

I replaced the rear axle pinion nut on my 02 ram with the corporate 9 axle (9.25?). It took 10 turns to take the nut out but now Im only at 8 and 1/8 turn and I cant turn it any longer. I used a big cheater pipe and a dewalt electric impact wrench (345 ft lbs of torque) granted I may not be in the best position to do this job since Im doing it without the truck raised.

I dont feel any play on the yoke and I feel like I can feel some roughness (like bearings) when I turn the yoke. Its like I overtightened it.

Can I reassemble the axle now or do I really need to get to 10 turns like I did before?
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