Rear Diff complete

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So, finally got around to doing my rear diff today. First time doing this type of maintenance and surprisingly it was very easy. I am glad that I changed the rear out because the oil was looking a bit rough at this point and I think I put about 20,000 highway miles on it. I can not imagine not changing it out for well over 100,000 miles. Now I need to knock out the front diff next week. Then I will knock out the Transfer case if I can find out what allen wrench it takes?:smileup:
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Great job getting this done, yup not as difficult as people think. Actually, I just replaced the fluid in my front and rear diffs. Went with 100% synthetic Amsoil. For some reason my truck always seem to run better after I haved done maintenance work on it. Welcome to the Z BTW, you should head over to the newbie section and introduce yourself, it can be found here.

No I am the second owner. Bought it at 19,000 miles.
I did mine at 30k and it was pretty easy. I just ended up getting a fluid siphon tube and sucked mine out of both my front and rear. I plan on doing it again at 50-55k and will crack the housings open at that time. I figure it isn't really necessary to crack open the diff cover every time to just change the fluid. Every other time should be fine and that is to just do inspections.
I figured as everyone looks so hard at my Ram
They get on their knees to look at how my DEBO tailgate step is mounted, i would give them something else to look at

I bought a differential cover with a a threaded fill plug, as well as a threaded drain plug, the drain plug is also magnetized to catch metal filings

I think that i would have bought the Rams head one if i had seen it first

this is one that i got the 12-9.25

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Nice cover. I'd like to get one when I do my first diff service.
I really like the cover but I hate the price. $266 to $320 (plain, polished or painted) for the cover and then $17 to $20 a quart for Amsoil or Royal Purple and your at almost $400 bucks for just doing the rear end. Ouch!

The left side of my brain wants to do it but the right side of my brain says I'm crazy!
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