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I was wondering if anyone has had any problems with their window motors (I specify rear because at the current moment I have not checked to see if the fronts are set up the same) and had to replace one and did the work yourself. It doesn't seem like it would be too difficult. My main question is the cable that brings the window up and down, how exactly is it connected to the regulator? Does anyone possibly have pictures?

While I was troubleshooting my window issue I thought about disconnecting the motor from the cable and seeing if it preformed as advertised whilst not under load. I started taking off the three screws that hold the motor/regulator on the panel. I got the forward most screw off and starting taking the top one off I heard a "ting" sound almost like a spring slipping after I got about a 1/2 turn into taking the second screw off. I immediately stopped and put the screws back in because I didn't want to break anything in there, or have my window fall (I did not tape it up at that moment)

I went to the stealersh*t to see if they knew anything but you already know what I'm going to say. Also the diagram they have of the door/panel is not the same SHOCKING! I'm assuming that they might have changed the style of the panel since there is a superseded part number and didn't update the diagram. So I am at a stand still until I get a little more information.

Thanks in advance!
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