Rear wheel bearing replacement

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:4-dontknow:Hi everyone,
I have a 02 Ram 2500 that I belive has a rear wheel bearing out.
How big a job is it to replace and is it something that a person can do himself?
I pulled the rear hub off and the bearing and axle setup are different then what I have seen before. Not sure if I should take it to a garage or try to replace myself?????????

Thanks in advance for any information.

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Yours is a HD rear end, likely the 11-1/2" (possibly 10-1/2") because it's diesel.
The bearings are IMO super easy to replace compared to the light duty rear axles.

Here is a link to the 11-1/2" rear end. The 10-1/2 is basically the same.

11-1/2" axle
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