rear window swap

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just wondering if anyone has swapped out their rear solid window for a sliding one before and how they did it? if you know of a write up and can post the link that would be appreciated too
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You can pick up the window urethane from just about any body shop supply store. It'll come in a tube that'll fit in a caulking gun.

One other thing...don't let the junk yard tell you this one or that won't work. They are interchangeable as a unit from 94-01. The difference being 94 to 96 has two sliders that meet in the middle. 96-01 has a single slider.

I might be a little off on the year, but the footprint is the same if you pull the whole thing and aren't looking to just replace one pane.
That's why I said I might be a year (or so) off. I've probably pulled 75-100 out and interchanged them for customers.

But as I said, I know the footprint is the same and it's just a style difference between the single and the dual slider.

I didn't chime in sooner on the issue on how to remove it because my method wouldn't be of any use to someone replacing one. I use an oxy-propane torch to heat the inside of the cab. Takes the window out in 5 minutes and does a number on the paint around the window, but it comes out perfect.

That's what happens when you work in scrap yards for over 20 years. That's how I know what they're going to say about the interchange.

Then again not all Gen 2 parts are interchangeable. Take something as generic as a headliner. I tried a '97 in my '95 and it was 4 inches too narrow. I still haven't figured that out.
1 - 2 of 13 Posts
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