rear window swap

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just wondering if anyone has swapped out their rear solid window for a sliding one before and how they did it? if you know of a write up and can post the link that would be appreciated too
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sliders are great I love mine, but I've had bad luck with mine had replaced twice by professional with the glass directly from dodge, in both cases they started leaking within a year in the sliding tray so every time it rains my bench and floor get soaked. and professionaly installed it only came with a 90 day warranty because they say it has moving parts. but I had both times replaced for free. Check you auto insurance I live in KY. I'm sure all states are different but in KY up to 1 time a year you can get a free auto glass replacement, no deductable, its considered a claim but it doesnt affect your premium, but will not replace if only leaking.
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