Received my Warranty Replacement Truck

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Well, in November i picked up a 2012 dodge ram. A week later i washed it and detailed it and noticed some paint issues.

The truck was silver metallic, it was like the truck was dirty under the clear coat, dark spots everywhere in certain lights.

anyway, dodge tried to do a repaint and i bugged them enough till i got the replacement truck. whole process took almost 6 months.

Anyway I got black this time, i know black is hard to maintain but its just so sexy. Did a good look over on the truck today and it has some swirls in the paint already, guess the knuckle head who dried it used a dirty towel.

Got a couple of scratches on the passenger door, and a rock chip on the tail gate.
So hopefull i can get these fixed up at the chrysler body shop.
heres some pics.
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Wow what a bummer

I would hate to have to go through that! Picked up a new Longhorn last week Molten Red. The paint looks good all around but they did get some overspray from the undercoating on the side steps, looks like I will be clay baring them to clean it up. I know what black is like to keep looking clean but when it does it's always great for those first 15 minutes! I think I will have the same dust/clean issues with this Molten Red. Looks like a dark Candy Apple in the sun but looks black at night. 20 minutes after a run through at the no touch you could see fine dust.
Congrats bro, Ram Customer Service called me today to ask me to do a survey on my recent contact with them. So, when she asked "On a scale from 1 to 10 how would I rate my current satisfaction with how the process is going?". I told her so far the support is a 7, then she asked me how I thought about the entire process, I told her about a 5. Then she asked me why the low rating? I told her that Dodge shouldnt have sent out a truck this way, and she agreed and told me that they would get back with me later in the week.

My truck has 1100 miles on it and as I stated in another post W/pic, that the Bed, Right side fender and both passenger doors and hood are messed up. So, I would be happy with a COMPLETE repaint from a body shop here in town. The shop here in town is a
Top Notch paint shop. They use PPG House of Kolor, and they told me to bring the Bushwacker Fender flares I bought and they would paint them when they paint the truck.
So, I dont have to pay out of pocket for the fender flares. My dealer rep here also told me they would throw in a Line-X liner too, so if they do all that, I will be pleased.

Dont know if I raised enough Hell if they would replace the truck or not. But, Glad you got a new Rig bro.
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Looks exactly like mine when I got it! Congrats on the new truck. I've found that turtle wax Ice in the spray bottle works great on the black paint.


Country D that sounds like a good deal. Hope it works out for you.

I think im going to do black on black, Tint the windows and black out everything, maybe go with some srt 10 black rims.

Yea black is a pain to keep clean, ive been checking out adams stuff, kind of exspensive but looks like its worth it. I need to get a good coat of wax on this thing asap, Im in el paso and the dust storms are killer!

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Nice looking truck. Congrats on being persistant and going the extra mile to get what you should of got the first time. I too had a choice between a bright silver and a black ram Crew Cab. The black one had limited slip rear but no side steps and the silver had side steps but no limited slip. I chose the Silver after having 2 previous trucks that were brilliant black mettalic. The black looks awesome when its clean but in my case everytime I washed mine I would find new dings and scrapes and it would drive me nuts.
Hey rising buddy. I have a Laramie 2012crewcab. Its white &I tan interior. I have similar issues w/my paint quality. I also had a dent. I contacted chrysler w/the my issues &I went back &I forth w/the dealer. In the end chrysler stated since the dealer was satisfied w/the repairs to the paint then so were they! W.t.f! How'd you get a brand new truck man? All I got was a cold shoulder! Now I have installed a bunch of items that I don't really wanna have to do all over again. I have never been so dissatisfied w/customer service as much as I am w/the chrysler... Any ways just wanted to see how you managed to talk a new truck outta them? Thanks for any reply.
Love a black truck, it is harder to maintain, and everything shows on it when its dirty but yup, when clean its pretty sexy, congrats on the new wheels
Glad that you made out ok and it sounds like the dealer looked after you....Great looking truck.....
nice looking truck and the black on black look is sick on these 4th gens i did it to my 2011 and it look killer

I think the main reason i got the replacement was because to correct my paint defect they would have had to do a FULL repaint. And i argued that I shouldnt have to have my 2012 brand NEW truck repainted.

I want a Brand New truck With a Factory paint job. I argued it would have brought the value of my truck down.

Who knows the chrysler body shop may have done a perfect job but i didnt want to risk it. Ive heard horror stories about repaints not lasting.
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