Remote start issues

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Anyone ever had the alarm go off when using the remote start? It has happened to me 3 times and on both sets of keys. I use the remote start and instead of the truck starting, the alarm activates (like when you hit the panic button). I can deactivate the alarm, by the keyfob, but I have to go out manually and start the truck. The EVIC says "Remote Start deactivated, start to reset".......weird!
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Nope, never had that happen, weird. I would think key fob issue, but it happens with both. Not really sure what to say, I guess talk to the dealer.

I do know we had another vehicle we bought in 2009. We had problems with the alarm going off when using the keyfob, oddly enough it just went away, never happened again. It was a Subaru. I just figured we were messing something up...
To save yourself a trip to the dealer try pulling the negative lead off the battery and let her sit for a half hour. Re-connect and try it again. Sometimes all these computers need is a re-boot.
This exact thing happened to me once. The guards at word were calling me saying my alarm was going off. Get in the truck and it said something like "remote start diabled," or whatev.
Same happened to me when I first got my truck. Turns out that the panic button is in a very easy position to unknowingly press which will set the alarm off every time. I occasionally set it off by accident now but mainly when not paying attention to what i am doing.
As part of the process for auto start the truck will lock the doors...AT least on mine it does.

I assume it alarms the security as well. (Could be wrong though)

If one of your doors are not fully closed could it be setting off the security ???

Just a thought...
Nufy might be onto something, but maybe its just as simple as the dealer reprogramming the keyfob.

thats what Id do, just give it a try
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