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Hey everyone, this site has been super helpful in the past so I'm hoping you guys can help decipher this one. AlfaOBD shows that some LF antennas are failing, which I assume is preventing the remote start from working. It looks like there are issues with the left door and interior rear antenna (but it's only throwing a code for antenna 4, interior rear). I have tip start and from my research on this site it seems that the interior rear antenna against the rear cabin wall and the interior front antenna under the console aren't needed for remote start, just for push button start. Do I just need to replace the left door antenna (or find the short in the cable to that antenna), or, since there's a short in the rear interior antenna, could it cause a problem with the two door antennas, thereby preventing remote start from working? Just wondering if I need to focus on the left door antenna, the interior rear antenna, or both. Appreciate any ideas you guys have.

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