Removed door trim and got a nasty surprise

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Well the door trim pieces on my new to me 2004 quad cab were beginning to fade/bubble/peel just like on my old 2006 so I decided to remove them. I did it on the 2006 and it was actually super easy and turned out great. Well, I ran into a problem on this truck. For whatever reason the adhesive was a lot harder to get off than the last time I did it but I finally did get it all off. Went over the areas with some Scratch-X and the driver side looks like it was never there. The passenger side is a different story. I already knew that the passenger side had been painted before but I didn't know that for whatever reason the painter apparently removed the front door trim and painted under it but left the back door trim in place and painted over it. They did a great job blending it because I have looked closely and cannot tell where the aftermarket painting begins and ends, however, you can clearly see the contrast between the original paint that was under the now removed rear door trim and the aftermarket paint that surrounds it. I don't think there is any way to properly fix this other than repainting of the entire area (which I would rather not do as it is expensive and I would rather not paint on this area AGAIN unless I just have to) or refurbing and replacing the trim pieces.

Any thoughts or opinions? Anyone recommend a good spray paint/clear coat combo that I can get at a local store? I have never messed with spray clear that much and the few times I have I must have been using the wrong combo of paint and clear because it didn't turn out well. I'm not too worried about perfectly matching the truck. I think as long as all the trim pieces are the same color and are a fairly close shade of metallic silver it will look fine.
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I'm going to ask my father-in-law what he thinks tomorrow (hes been doing body work for 20+ years) but I'm pretty certain there is no way to fix it without repainting the area. That means I will be putting the trim back on which sucks because I worked my @$$ off getting it off, lol. Plus, I think it looks better without it.
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