REN System Crashing

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I recently purchased a used 2009 dodge ram sport. It has a REN without nav installed in it. Every so often the system will freeze and about 5 to 10 seconds later will shutdown and reboot itself. It appears to only happen when im using it, it seems to work fine if left alone. but of course any attempt to put music onto the hdd, change stations, or music volume results in a very frustrating outcome. I have the software version 9.292 which i think is the latest version. Anyone slse have the same issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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I have the exact same issue. I had the same software as well. There is a TSB out about these radios locking up. I bought the update and installed it. It was actually a lower software version. It still did not fix the problem. I have heard that these radios are problematic from some dealer sources. I have an extended warranty and plan to have it addressed if it falls under the warranty.
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