replacing hood hinges

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Hello All,

This is my first post to this forum.

I have a question about 2nd Gen rams.

I recently was trying to paint my bumper grille and forgot to latch down the hood. I went on the freeway the next day and had quite the experience. My hood flew open and over extended the hood hinge joints. Not being able to see why my hood was having such a difficult time closing, I had my dad help me force it closed.
the Hinges bent outward and now i need knew hinges.

My question is about how to remove the hinges, I have removed all the bolts holding on the driver side fender but it seems that there are a bunch of differecnt sytems attached to it that need to be removed first. I am afraid of breaking all the plastic clips. do i need to remove the fenders in order to remove the hinges?


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No No No. There are 3 bolts in the base of the hinge that hold it to the truck.

If you open the hood there are two that are level to each other from the outside (between the hinge arm and one about 8 inches back towards the windshield). Then there's one inside of the engine bay lower front.

If you unbolt the two on each side that go into the hood itself, get someone to help you lift it off because the back of the hood is heavier tan the front.

It also helps if you take two folded towels and place one behind each back corner with a floor mat on it to keep it from sliding back and costing you a windshield.

Good luck, and welcome to the Forum.
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