RER update

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Has anyone personally updated there RER radio? Where did you get your updates from? I used Sox (from the lx forum, which I know many on here have used also) to update my RBZ. My RER version is 2.043 and gracenotes is 1287 and the blue screen.
I saw from a Google search there is someone on eBay that will download all the updates onto a disc and send them to you so all you have to do is put on the disc. All he ask for is radio id (RER, RBZ, RHB, so on), software version and gracenote if you want it.
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Has anybody used to update there radios?
Dude, if you wanna update your radio I have the update disc for the radio and the gracenotes as well.


The discs I have till update the radio to 2.404 and gracenote to 4620.
Thanks, but I got my brother to burn the software 2.404 and gracenotes 4620 for Sox this afternnon when I got off (I'm not good with that kind of computer stuff). Hopefully I will get to install it tomorrow, does it take about 30-40 minutes to update?
Gracenotes take forever. I wanna say a good 10-20. At least that is what my radio took. The software is quick but another 10 or so.
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