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What are they for and would it hurt if i take them off? Also how much different would it sound without them?
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Most resonators, and the ones on our 1500 Rams, don't restrict flow. They do affect sound, and the sound they affect is sometimes an obnoxious one depending on personal taste. If you read through all the exhaust posts on the forum, you'll notice some muffler shop guys do not recommend removing them during an installation of a higher flow performance muffler or otherwise modded exhaust. The reason is usually some kind of annoying "rack back"...for lack of a better description...when you let off the accelerator. People are different, and often those who wear their baseball caps on backwards, really like that sound...LOL! Exhaust sounds are somewhat preferential in some cases, so take that for what it's worth. And many of the exhaust systems we discuss here can be very different in execution, so the results are going to be different.

I did what's probably the most common mod that you see here most often...replace the OEM muffler with a higher flow performance unit...and then mod the intake. My muffler guy warned me that in most of the cases where he replaces just the muffler and then removes the resonator(s) in the process, there is more often than not an irritating "rack back" noise when you let off the gas after an aggressive acceleration. I think most of us know that noise he's talking about, as you hear it in some street vehicles with modded exhausts quite frequently. I like a good, deep, aggressive tone when accelerating strongly, but I hate that raspy noise that some vehicles have when you let off...almost kind of a popping like an exhaust leak. But...people are different, and the results probably won't always be the same. But since our resonators don't restrict flow, I think they just keep the annoying sounds to a minimum. If you just want more noise, I'd recommend just using the shortest, straight-through muffler available like a Magnaflow or Borla and leave the resonators in place.
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