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OK forget everything I ever said about UPS. Seems it;s just their tracking that sucks! My bed cover showed up about 4:30 this afternoon. Awesome!

So, true to form I didn't take any pictures but it was another easy install. The instructions were bang on. I did the assembly in the garage then got some help to lift the unit onto the back of my truck. A little playing around to get it fitting properly, and clamped it down with the 4 provided clamps. For the drain hoses, I was able to slip them through the slits in I had made in the BedRug for the tie down loops, and out through the hole in the box by the loop. Perfect!

My initial impression of the Retrax unit is "awesome"! IT was easy to put together, the instructions were great and the install was smooth and easy. My one minor disappointment is....the barrel for the rollup covers the RAMS head logo on my BedRug....shitty! Not a big deal but I reeeeally like the logo ;o)

Anyway, the "Silver" finish on the Bed Cover is about half way between my Bright Silver and the darker Mineral Grey finish on other RAMs. So, not a perfect match but I wasn't expecting it to be. I actually like the color a alot! It really sets off the bed of the truck, and is just a nice change from the typical black cover. I love it!

So, my RAM is now a full fledged SUV. :head3:

I will post some pics of the bed cover tomorrow.

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Now you have a place to sleep when your Other Half gets irritated :LOL:

i will be watching for the pics
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