Revamped the entire interior

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I removed the entire interior to start this whole project. I took the headliner and visors in to be covered in black. I removed the grey suede inserts that were in the backs of all the seats and had red suede embroidered with the 5.9 Cummins High Output badge. It took a while to get all of the plastic pieces sanded and prepped for panting but it was worth it in the end for taking LOTS of time to do it. When I had the carpet pulled out of the cab I covered the floor, top of cab, rear wall, and all the doors in sound deadening Hush Mat. I then ran the two sets of RCA cables for the amps right down the middle of the floor to the rear wall. I cut two holes in the rear wall partition to flush mount the amps. That made for a VERY clean install. I had the infinity system to begin with and that was completely removed. I put an Alpine CDA-117 head unit to control all of the components. The front speakers were replaced with Alpine Type-R 6 1/2" compenents with a 1" tweeter that I cut into the top of the door. The crossover went into the door panel so it was completely hidden. To power the front speakers I went with an Alpine MRP-F300 amp. After I bridged the amp the front speakers are now getting 150 watts RMS. To power the 10" Alpine Type R subs I went with an Alpine MRX-100 which at the 2 ohm load that I wired it into, it's pushing 1000 watts to the pair of subs. I ordered the box for the subs from Joe Fox. My internet is pretty slow for uploading pictures but i have them all on photobucket if you wanna take a look. Build/
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