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I bought my 2012 Loghorn on Dec. 16 and it was 2.110. I upgraded shortly after I bought it thinking it would fix the NAV problems I am dealing with but it never made a difference.

The NAV routed an extra 300 kms out of the way on a 450 km trip. Latest report was that MyGig enhanced GPS on the 730N RHR radio only used verified raod data from NAVTEQ instead of all the roads in the data.

It might work well in cities but it really sucks int he rural areas of the country. I will not rest until this NAV system works as well as a Garmin or Magellen that can be bought and mounted on the dash.

Really not happy with the NAV system on these MyGig systems. i have a post on MyGig forums as well as on here about the issue.
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