ring pinion change

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I'm changing my gears to 4.56 on my 2001 4x4.

My mechanic has informed me of an issue. I'm going to look this evening, but I think he is telling me the pinion is loose, not making firm contact. This is on the front end, which I believe is a Dana 44.

I've read about some "thick" gears, and wondering if this could possibly be the issue. (possibly need one and don't have it)

I'm now reading this (from where i purchased the kit) "Compatible carrieres include D44 3.92 and numerically higher for the front...."

Is it safe to say that i most likely have a lower than 3.92, and need a "thick" gear.

Also, which part is "thick"? the crown or pinion?
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If your vehicle is stock
Both front & rear gear ratios are the same & they are suppose to be that way
you can't have the rear being a 3.92 ratio & the front being a 4.11 or 4.56, without causing major damage

you have to change the Ring Gear & Pinion Gear to change ratios anyway, the spider gears may also have to be changed.
All of these parts are set in place with SHIMS, sort of like thin washers.
you set measurements like left & right, or in & out using the shims, crush sleeve, etc.

When everything is set correctly, you will have a close to a perfect tooth wear pattern & a quiet running differential

I suggest that you watch a youtube video, it shows a toyota rear end being PROPERLY assembled, differentials are very close to the same, no matter who makes them
It also covers pinion gears with a crush sleeve, like Dodge uses
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Nice video... I watched a couple short ones, but this looks much better, and I'm going to watch it when I get home.

I ordered 4.56 gears for both, the front and back, but my issue is with the front. I suspect I do not have a 3.92 or taller ratio, which is why there is space. This does not matter in the rear end, with the Chrysler 9.25 differential. I'm heading to the mechanics after work to check what ratio is in the vehicle now.

I've read that if this is my problem, I can use a "thick" ring and pinion in my front differential.

Is a thick version of this different on both the pinion and the ring, or just one?
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