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I live in Northern California and three weeks after I got my Dodge Ram Big Horn Crew Cab 6' Bed eco diesel we headed out on a 9 state 13 day road trip.
We went to Santa Monica and drove route 66 to Oklahoma City then up to Kansas and back home via hwy 70- and 80. We did a few side trips and the Route 66 portion was 80 back road.
I am not a freak at keep accurate records so take this for what you want. I googled our approximate route. Close to 4,000 miles and when I parked the truck the computer on board said average miles Per gallon 29.4.
Needless to say I am happy with the results.


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Starting next Thursday, i will leave San Diego & drive to Connecticut, then return to San Diego in late August
This should be my last long trip with this Ram
Next year i will make the same trip, in a new Ram Eco Diesel
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